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Hello! Thank you for dropping by… we hope you stay and learn an indigenous language on here. We're committed to teaching children, and some adults, native languages in a fun, interactive, relatable way via our Virtual Language Learning program which consists of 'Lessons' to teach, and 'Activities' to practice.

In the 'Activities' section, our learning friends get to practice speaking, reading and writing in the native language. We also do provide opportunities to social in a native language with teachers, students and beyond. Sign up to day for as low as $6/month when you choose the 2-Year sign up!

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We seal in learning, in a relatable way, with the below different educative methods


Speak is a sub-section within all the Virtual Language Learning 'Activities' sections. The main aim here is to encourage our learning friends to verbalize what they just learned from respective'Lessons' section.
Retention works best when questions are actually answered and even expanded on. This is where parental and educator influence comes in. If you can speak, please seize the opportunity to build on each word or phrase as they learn and practice frequently. Remember, learning a language requires constant use!


Read is a sub-section within all the Virtual Language Learning 'Activities' sections and culled from the associated 'Lessons' section. The key aim here is to encourage our learning friends to read words and phrases in that language. We encourage parents and educators to expand the kids vocabulary by adding similar words/phrases to the mix. You could also add totally unrelated words/phrases to challenge them. Your call!


We proudly provide a FUN wholesome learning experience and KNOW that the ability to write in a language is the ultimate seal of knowledge. Our 'Write' sub-section simply provides an avenue for our young learners to pen down all they've learned plus MORE. Please have writing materials available for this sub-section... As usual, parents and educators are encouraged to build on the words an phrases to help with retention.

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