Welcome to Biawazo

Hello! Welcome… we are an indigenous language learning outfit on a mission to teach ALL children, and some adults, their native language. It is imperative that children are taught their local tongue at a young age. This will root them in the core of their heritage: language. Lnguage is indeed the key aspect of all cultures.

We at BiaWaZo have made it our goal to develop fun language learning resources for children everywhere. That way they can learn from the comfort of their homes or at any location.

We recognize that in this age of globalization, more people live outside of their respective indigenous hometowns which makes it tough to teach children their native father/mother tongue.  In addition to living in diaspora, parents tend to be ‘busy’. ‘Stuff’ like career, kids education, kids sports, etc. end up competing unfairly with teaching kids their native language.

Our approach is a practical one: conversational learning. We deliberately ‘shy away’ from a rigid instructional school curriculum as those are more focused on academic knowledge... Our way is FUN, PRACTICAL, as well as RELATABLE for children globally and even for teachers looking to utilize our robust curriculum to teach in their local school/organization/church etc.

Teachers or any adults interested in launching a localized language learning program using our Global Language Learning resources should contact us directly.

Our Virtual Language Learning program consists of 3 main speaking levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level consists of Lessons and Activities. Most importantly, it consists of DAILY 5-minute learning content that is accessibile from calendars for each level.

Modules in the 'Lessons' section teaches in an engaging repetitive waywhile the 'Activities'  section engages learners to apply knowledge gleaned from the 'Lessons' section. For better retention, the ‘Activities section is further broken up into sub-sections: 'Speak', 'Read' and 'Write'.

Each of our learning friends will have a learning path associated with their profiles. The learning path is solely to indicate progress through the program however, we advice that modules are revisited as needed to ensure TRUE learning.  We are relying on parents/guardians to pay attention to this as we want the children speaking fluently.

At the completion of certain milestones, within the learning path, our learning friendswould have opportunities to participate in live virtual lessons, interaction meetings, etc. We would be emailing parents with those details at the appropriate times. 

Please remember that children, or even adults, do not have to be wholly from a certain culture to learn the language so, learn with us regardless of your background!

Currently, the Igbo language has been launched in our Virtual Language Learning program, thanks to Akwukwo LLC. Please, sign-up your Igbo, half-Igbo and language learning children now at these affordable rates:

    • $10/Month  
    • $96/Year (at $8/month) 
    • $145/2-Years (at $6/Month)