How do I turn off auto-enrollment?

Although all enrollment is automatically recurring, you can turn it off with this steps: Also, FYI, you can stop the recurring enrollment anytime. To do so, - Sign-in - Click on the person icon in top right of the page. It should have you or your child's name, on there (as you indicated when enrolling) - Under 'My Profile', you should see a box with your enrollment details - Click on the orange icon there to edit Scroll down to the 'Plan Auto Renew Mode' (right above 'Submit') and turn it off. - Hit submit Thank you for enrolling in our program.

What age range is the Virtual language Program targeted for?

Our program is for children from ages 3 to teenage age... however, it's never too early to learn a language. Hence, once your child is able to watch TV, shows, etc. they're ready to learn, assimilate, from our animated modules on here.